Mind Over Belly Weight Loss Brain Training

Ever wondered how you could use your brain power to help you in the fight against fat? This aritcle will show you the exact steps to help train your brain to lose weight.

Firstly, write down how much weight you want to lose, a weight loss goal. eg. “I want to lose 200 lbs”. Research has shown that people who actually write down their goals have an improved chance of achieving them.

Put your goal somewhere visible to you everyday – the home screen of your cell phone perhaps. The brain is the most powerful and complex machine known to man (not really a machine but you get the idea) – it will try to work out a way to achieve this goal subconsciously. Ever see that simpsons episode where Homer repeatedly hears a voice saying “Dental plan!”, “Lisa needs braces” – it’s something like that. The little voice in your head will be looping through this without you knowing it, finding a way to achieve your goal.

The most important part! Write down what will happen if you don’t achieve this goal, something quite extreme, something that you’re genuinely afraid of. eg. “I won’t ever find a boyfriend because I’m too fat”. Fear is a driving emotion for everyone, and it is amazing what people will do out of fear.

Put this along side your weight loss goal and 2 things will happen. Your brain will not only find a way to achieve your goal but will also relate not achieving that goal to what you’ve written down beside it. Your brain will try its hardest to avoid pain driving your motivation to lose weight even further.

Using fear to drive you to achieve your goal is one of the most powerful things known to man. This technique in conjunction with a healthy dieting plan will surely help you in the fight against fat!

Train your brain to lose weight

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